law-1063249_960_720Judicial Experience

  • Appointed in 2010 to the American Arbitration Association’s Panel of Neutral Arbitrators.
  • Founded in 1926, the AAA is one of the oldest and most prestigious conflict resolution organizations in the nation.
  • AAA arbitrators are held to strict codes of ethics and standards of conduct to ensure fairness and impartiality in every case they hear.
  • For nearly a decade, Kelly has presided over countless cases–either as a single arbitrator, as a member of a panel of arbitrators, or as a chair of a panel of arbitrators.
  • The cases before her have been diverse in all respects–small cases, mid-size cases, large cases; matters in which parties have appeared pro se and matters in which lawyers have appeared on their clients’ behalf; cases involving local parties and cases where parties from elsewhere in the country have selected me to decide their dispute.
  • Kelly routinely presides over pre-trial and evidentiary hearings, resolves discovery disputes, reviews written submissions, makes factual and legal findings, and issues rulings and awards.

justice-914231_960_720Legal Experience

  • For more than twenty years, Kelly has been a litigator at Duane Morris LLP in Center City, Philadelphia.  She has managed all aspects of litigation–investigated potential claims; conducted witness interviews; drafted complaints, answers, and dispositive motions; conducted written and oral discovery; selected and prepared expert witnesses; conducted hearings, trials, arbitrations, and other court appearances.
  • Kelly’s cases have spanned a broad spectrum of matters, including contracts, business torts, commercial and consumer fraud; intellectual property, including trade secrets, copyrights, patents, inventorship and ownership, and computer software license disputes; bankruptcy litigation, including fraudulent transfer and preference claims; employment benefits disputes; class action securities fraud matters; product liability cases.
  • Kelly regularly advises clients about strategy for dispute resolution.  For international clients, she explains the application and effect of US laws and the US legal system.

IMG_7814Professional Leadership Roles and Activities

  • For more than a decade, Kelly has co-authored the “Contracts” chapter in the prominent commercial litigation treatise, Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts (Second Edition, 2005; Third Edition, 2011; Fourth Edition, 2016).
  • Kelly serves as a Mediator for landlord-tenant disputes through the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Landlord Tenant Appellate Mediation Program (2010 to present).
  • Since 2005, Kelly has served as coordinator of her law firm’s participation in a public service program of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and oversees young lawyers’ handling, on a pro bono basis, of a variety of civil rights lawsuits in that court.
  • Kelly has served as a Guest Lecturer in Commercial Litigation Seminars at Temple Law School, Villanova University School of Law, and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  She has also spoken at seminars on a wide variety of subjects, including discovery, commercial litigation, effective pre-trial practice, litigation tactics, and legal ethics.