Former Navy Admiral and U.S. Congressman Joe Sestak Endorses Kelly Eckel for Judge in 2019 Campaign

As many of you know, either from being on this journey with me in 2017 or from knowing my personal story, my life and outlook on life has been profoundly impacted by people who have served this country in uniform. My father rose to the rank of full Colonel in the U.S. Army over the course of more than 30 years, and he and my mother–also a public servant, working for many years as an auditor for various government agencies–raised me to appreciate the differences among the many different communities in which we lived, learned, and worked, throughout this country and abroad.

I met Joe Sestak more than a decade ago, and admire him for all that he has contributed to this nation and this community. Over time, we remained in touch, following each other’s careers and lives, and I was humbled to receive his endorsement of my candidacy in 2017. After November 2017, Joe Sestak was one of the many friends and supporters who encouraged me to consider running again. And as in 2017, I am honored today that he continues to have faith in me and my desire to serve the people of this county as admirably as he and my father did for many decades.

Attached is the complete version of Joe Sestak’s endorsement of my 2019 candidacy.

2019 endorsement of Joe Sestak